3D formats

Name Extensions Requires
Autodesk FBX (Filmbox) .fbx core
AutoCAD DXF .dxf core
3ds Max 3DS .3ds core
3ds Max ASE .ase core
Biovision BVH .bvh core
COLLADA .dae core
Blender .blend Blender 2.78 or newer
Cinema4D .c4d core
Sketchup .skp Sketchup 2017 or newer*
LightWave .lwo .lws core
Modo .lxo core
Silo .sib core
Alembic .abc core
USD .usd .usdz core
GLTF (GL Transmission Format) .gltf .glb core
Wavefront Object .obj core
Stanford Polygon Library .ply core
Stereolithography .stl core
Industry Foundation Classes .ifc core
Additive Manufacturing File Format .amf core
3D Manufacturing File Format .3mf core
STEP/ISO 10303 .step .stp LibThree OpenCASCADE
Initial Graphics Exchange Specification .iges .igs LibThree OpenCASCADE
Open CASCADE BRep .brep LibThree OpenCASCADE
Extensible 3D Graphics .x3d core
Realflow binary .bin core
Object File Format .off core
Neutral File Format .nff core
Open Game Engine Exchange .ogex core
DirectX .x core
AC3D .ac core
Milkshape 3D .ms3d core
Irrlicht Mesh & Scene .irrmesh .irr core
Ogre Mesh .mesh .xml core
Quake (Legacy) Engine Mesh .mdl .md2 .md3 .mdc core
Valve (Legacy) Engine Mesh .smd core
Unreal (Legacy) Engine Mesh .3d .uc core
Doom3 Mesh .md5 core
MikumikuDance .pmx core
Cem Yuksel HAIR .hair core
* Sketchup 2016 is the last 32-bit version of Sketchup, and it's supported only in the 32-bit versions of LibThree.
* Note that not all formats are currently fully supported.

Image formats

Name Extensions
Windows Bitmap .bmp
DirectDraw Surface .dds
Truevision Targa .tga
Portable Network Graphics .png
Portable Float Map .pfm
JPEG Image .jpeg .jpg .jpe .jfif .jif
Tagged Image File Format .tif .tiff .tx
Khronos Texture .ktx
High-Dynamic Range Image .hdr
OpenEXR Image .exr .sxr .mxr

Video formats